Metal Roof Cost: Steel & Aluminum Shingles, Standing Seam, Steel Tiles

Today, there are mainly two popular types of metal roofing for homes; metal shingles and standing seam.


Metal shingles form a four way inter-locking design and can last well over 30 years, providing reliable protection and energy savings for your home.

A metal shingle roof is a less expensive option than standing seam, because metal shingles are easier to manufacture, ship, store, and install.


Metal Shingles

A typical metal shingles roof may range in price from $19,000 to $29,000 for a steel shingles roof fully installed. This assumes a roof surface measuring 2,000 sq.ft. or 20 squares, ranging from $950 to $1,450 per square of metal shingles installed.

Note that the cost of aluminum shingles or shakes roof would normally be slightly higher than a similar system made of G-90 heavy gauge (GA 24) galvanized steel.

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Roof Repair vs. Replacement: Should You Repair or Replace a Leaky Roof?

This is one of the most common questions/issues being asked or faced by many homeowners dealing with a leaky roof or one that is starting to show some serious signs of age such as cracking, brittle, chipping and/or missing shingles.


With that being said, let’s put the guess work aside and hear what some of the top ranked roofing experts on our platform have to say in regards to the age old question; repair vs. replace?

Case 1. A Leaky Asphalt (Composition) Shingles Roof:


If your house has an asphalt roof that is at least 10 years or older, and is either starting to leak, with unsightly water damage stains developing in the ceilings near the attic or top floor, or the shingles are starting to show serious signs of age with chipping and cracks visible to the naked eye, then chances are your roof needs to be replaced and you probably should not waste any money trying to repair it something that requires a complete replacement.


But, if your roof is still relatively young (less than 10 years old), and most shingles on seem to be in good shape with no visible cracks or major chipping in the shingles, then you may be able to get a few/several more years of service by properly repairing it, once the cause and location of the leak has been properly diagnosed and identified.

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