How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off on a Home Improvement Repair Job

Ever feel like you got ripped off by a home improvement contractor and wish you got your money back?

Most people would answer yes – but how many of us actually go to the trouble of asking for it back? Well yesterday I did, and I have to say it was pretty empowering. My “Norma Rae” moment was all the result of a broken kitchen sink garbage disposal…

The Downside of Necessity

Last week, in the middle of cooking for a 25 person dinner party, my garbage disposal totally died. I had no time to deal with a sink filled to the brim with dirty water and food scraps, so I hired the first pro that said he could come out that afternoon. The fee: $250.00.
“Mike” Finds Many Things Wrong

“Mike” the plumber arrived in an impressive 45 minutes, and within the hour my disposal was seemingly back in working order. However, as Mike started packing up to leave, he told me he noticed a couple leaks in the front and backyard (I didn’t even notice him checking out the rest of the house), and that I should get those fixed right away. He then told me he could repair everything for an additional $880! To which I promptly said – Thanks but no thanks. Everything else was functioning fine…

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