DIY Interior Design, Decor, and Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

DIY Furniture Design Ideas for Small Living Spaces

A generation ago, young professionals aspired to move out of the cities, purchasing homes in the suburbs. These days, Millennials are increasingly insistent on remaining in major metropolitan areas indefinitely. They enjoy the cultural and social verve of the big city, as well as the added convenience of public transit and other amenities.


Millennials also prize professional mobility, changing jobs more often than their Boomer counterparts.  Proximity to an urban hub often translates to more opportunity for professional advancement, and limits the long commute times that conflict with Millennial interest in work-life balance.

What does this mean for interior design? Living space is at a premium in urban areas, especially in trendy neighborhoods. A single tenant or a couple may need to squeeze into a few hundred square feet of apartment space, or fit a home and office into a single open-plan living area!

The drive to make the most of a cramped studio or efficiency apartment has reinvigorated an industry dedicated to inventive storage and furniture solutions. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most exciting modular, multipurpose and space-saving products on the market.

Modular Furniture Means Versatile Living Space

If you only have space for a few pieces of furniture, why not invest in furniture that can play multiple roles? Modular pieces have always been available as a niche market, but designers are currently experimenting with innovative and elegant multipurpose furniture options for young buyers. Stylish and highly versatile, these pieces are a must for the trendy space-saving renter.

nuovoliola-murphy-bed-design-with-loveseat-and-shelf Nuovoliola Murphy Bed Design with Loveseat and Shelf

A bed that swings upward during the day to rest against the wall can double available floor space in a small efficiency. One drawback of the classic Murphy bed design is that its vertical storage mode opens up to a blank wall and an empty floor. In order to utilize the recovered space, owners have to move a bunch of furniture around every morning. This option lifts to reveal a stylish loveseat and shelf, no extra effort required!

podpad-fold-out-cabinet-desk Podpad Fold-Out Cabinet Desk

This fold-out desk allows you to turn just a few inches of wall space into a fully-equipped workstation, an especially handy furniture solution for mobile workers who primarily use a laptop at home and in the office. This tech-friendly design also includes ports to charge multiple devices – a must for mobile-friendly Millennials.

orla-reynolds-modular-shelving-table-and-chair-set Orla Reynolds Modular Shelving, Table, and Chair Set

From stackable boxes to folding benches, furniture that combines seating and storage is a common space-saving design solution. This shelving unit takes that concept to the next level – these simple box shelves hold four chairs and a table. For added value, the shelving unit is also modular. It can be kept together to form a wall unit or room divider, as shown here, or distributed around the house to create book cases, side tables, and nightstands.

3moods-modular-sofa-set 3Moods Modular Sofa Set

For a sturdier chair and table set that allows for dining and reclining, this modular sofa design allows similar flexibility at a more luxurious level. Its sections convert to a bed, reclining chair, couch, benches, a desk, and a full-size table. Although the padded sections are comfortable, they’re also designed to be lightweight and easy to shuffle and recombine – every component of this set is extremely portable.

Creative Storage Solutions for Limited Space

Eliminating bulky furniture means finding alternatives to dressers and cabinets. Smaller apartments often have much less closet space, pushing residents to make use of other storage options. These specialized storage solutions are designed to make the most of available space without taking up all the available floor space.

patterned-ottoman-with-storage-drawer Patterned Ottoman with Storage Drawer

One easy option for extra storage space is to purchase a bench or ottoman that opens up to reveal a drawer or cabinet. Depending on size, these comfortable and decorative seating options can offer as much storage space as a small dresser or trunk.

buden-storage-bed-by-viesso Buden Storage Bed by Viesso

Storage beds include drawers for easily-accessible storage, or larger compartments underneath for longer-term storage. Platform beds with a higher profile can incorporate shelves and cabinets. Bins can be added to shelves to create a modular armoire for clothes, or a simple curtain rod to create a clothes rack.

living-cube-loft-bed Living Cube Loft Bed

This omnibus loft bed includes a bed, entertainment center, clothes rack, dresser, and bookshelf. The interior even provides room for a spacious closet. For tenants looking to pack a lot of activity into a modest living space, this comprehensive furniture cube is a must!

These are just a few of the wide array of creative space-saving structures that companies are marketing to savvy, design-conscious Millennial consumers. The future of Millennial real estate is decidedly urban, with condo and co-living developments tracking this generational shift away from single-family suburban dwellings.

This trend towards elegant and efficient apartment furniture will almost certainly become even stronger over the next several years, making modular and space-saving furnishings an increasingly popular design choice across market sectors.

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